Story Idea Development

The Ideation Process

Ideation is the creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas, where an idea is understood as a basic element of thought that can be either visual, concrete, or abstract.

What is an Idea?

“An idea is nothing more nor less than the new combination of old elements.”
James Webb Young

Why do some ideas survive and other die?
Some ideas are sticky = understandable, memorable, relatable, effective in changing thought or behavior.

Internal Observation

Learning to Look Inside Ourselves

Recall and write down at least two ‘events’, ‘accidents’ or ‘tragedies’ in your life that changed your personality internally, and maybe, physically.

External Observation
Learning to Look at the World
Let’s watch the World go by, and record our observations
Stories that are based on real-life characters, events, objects etc. become the most memorable. Make 6 Flashcards for the following Categories:

• Character = write down the sketch of an interesting person you met in the recent past
• Location = Recall and describe a beautiful location you’d like to use in your film or story
• Object = think of anything that forced you to take it seriously
• Situation = have you ever been in an awkward, funny or frightening situation? Write it down.
• Act(ivity) = have you ever witnessed or heard about an act of madness, mercy, mystery etc.?
• Theme = what are the great puzzling questions of life that you have always wanted to solve?

Idea Journal
Creating Your Treasure Trove
Your Online Idea Journal
Create a Digital Diary to record your Internal and External Observations. This is the Treasure Box which will contain the jewels of storytelling. This Diary will be checked regularly, and marked in the Final Assessment:

You may use this Software:

• Microsoft OneNote (PC-based)
• (Online)




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