Total Immersion Programs

Karachi Film School focuses on knowledge-transfer, skill development and employability. Our top-of-the-line curriculum is designed to cover all creative and technical aspects of the motion picture sciences. We are certified in the German Teaching Framework, which focuses on 80% of practical, and 20% of theory. That’s why we instantly connect our students to a large network of filmmakers, festivals, academies and media outlets.

Diploma in Filmmaking

This one-year intensive program is designed for beginners with little or no experience in filmmaking. Students develop visual storytelling skills by studying twelve different courses, and get hands-on training in operating production equipment and ancillaries. This is a ‘trial by fire’ coursework that will test your craftsmanship, discipline and perseverance. If you stick around, you are off to a nice start.

Advanced Diploma

If you have a Diploma in Filmmaking, your are eligible to apply for the next two semesters. The Advanced Diploma is designed to sharpen your critical thinking, hone your analytical skills, and develop your ‘artistic voice’.  Besides a solid foundation in film theory, the second year will improve your artistic abilities in fiction filmmaking as well as music video and commercial production. By the end, you’ll have developed your first showreel.

BFA in Filmmaking

If you have an Advanced Diploma in Filmmaking, your are eligible to apply for the next two semesters. The Bachelor of Fine Arts program aims to launch careers in Film and Television Industries. Our total immersion approach to the subject will train you in all of the creative and technical departments of motion picture sciences. You will graduate after completing an internship at a film studio with prestigious screen credits.

Semester I

Acting for Film

Image Design

Story Idea Development


Storytelling for Broadcast

Editing and Color Grading

Semester II


Screenwriting (Shorts)


History of Cinema

Media Ethics & Laws

Visual Culture

Semester III

Dance & Movement

Rules of Cinematic Composition

Critical Thinking Skills

Graphic Design

Film Analysis

Screenwriting (Features)

Semester IV

Media & Political Psychology

Motion Graphics

Production Design

Music & Film Scoring